1988 — the TUFF BOY yard at Yosemite Ave. and Highway 120.

TUFF BOY, Celebrating Over 65 Years!

From an early age, Bill Harris demonstrated his talents in both business and as a practical engineer. Just a kid during the depression, he early on learned to work hard and to do hard work.

At the same time, within a few miles, Lucille Mendosa was growing up and learning the business and management skills necessary to help her father with his retail clothing store. She and Bill met in high school, began dating, and were married soon after graduation.

After years of working for and with others, Bill and Lucille combined their experience and talents to found the business in 1956, and incorporated as TUFF BOY in 1963 with a few investment partners. From the start, it’s been a fast and exciting journey.

Beginning with several models of tilt-bed trailers that established the company’s reputation for high-quality construction, and continuing over the years with improved models of flat beds, hoppers, tubs, vans, and all types of other ag equipment to meet clients’ requirements, TUFF BOY continues to deliver.

Over 65 years since Bill and Lucille founded the company, the TUFF BOY mission has never wavered: to serve and provide the ag industry with rugged and reliable equipment for its transportation needs, while maintaining its reputation for quality and innovation.