For 2023 — Introducing the ‘TUFF MAX’ Hopper!

Smooth Sided • Higher Capacity for Up to 14 loads •  Fast Unloading!

  • Field tough and eager for action – pulls smooth and easy
  • A36 3″x 6″ and 5″x 5″ steel tubing, JOST landing gear, Bendix ABS, Hub pilot wheels, front & rear steel ladders
  • Option to add new tarp system: Shur-Lok®
  • Born in California, Built to Last!
  • Availability is limited – call NOW for best pricing & guaranteed delivery

Our Larger 102″ Hopper! Great Reviews + Field Proven!

Same great Tuff Boy design and build quality + holds 10% more!

  • As you’ve come to expect from Tuff Boy trailers – pulls smooth and easy
  • Field tough – suited for a wide variety of commodities
  • Super fast unload from optimized internal angles
  • The addition of a few inches in strategic locations has increased volume capacity by approximately 10%
  • No compromise in material thickness – still made with extremely durable 13 gauge steel and 1/8” aluminum
  • Includes removable extension, ladder, rear drain valve, 30 x 36” door, hub pilot wheels, and Bendix ABS

Produce Trailers (12 or 14 pallet)

  • Immediate availability – TUFF BOY quality, TUFF BOY strong!
  • Pulls smooth and easy – TUFF BOY designed!
    • The industry’s best axles
    • Sharp turning radius
    • Headboard
    • Tool box
    • Many winches
    • And more!
  • Limited rentals available, call us for more information

Light Weight Tomato Carriers (aluminum or fiberglass)

  • Hauls more! • 9 loads instead of 10 in ‘Floating’ tanks • Less cracking
  • Pulls smooth and easy – built to last!
  • Reinforced carrier-style frame with outside bracing and ‘best in the business’ corner anchoring system – TUFF BOY strong!
    • JOST landing gear
    • JOST turntable
    • Premier hitches
    • Three leaf suspension
    • Budd hubs
    • Aluminum or fiberglass tanks
  • Availability limited – Place orders NOW for best pricing & guaranteed delivery!

24′ to 48′ Flat Bed Trailers

  • For freight, produce, bins and tanks – lots of options!
  • No compromise on quality. Refurbished and upgraded to meet TUFF BOY’s high standards!
    • Inside and outside frames
    • Complete cargo controls
    • Some have sliders
    • Staggered winches
    • Closed and spread axles
    • Some with air ride
  • Availability is limited –  call us for more information and current inventory.

Yard Goats (Tractors)

Please call for information and current availability.

Curtain Vans

Please call for information and current availability.

Tuff Boy also carries:

  • Fixed Body trailers

  • Grape Tank Trailers

  • Melon Trailers

  • Bottom Dumps

  • Freight Vans (28 to 48′ length, 96 to 102″ width)

Please call for information and current availability.