The Innovation Leader — TUFF MAX 102′ Hopper!

Smooth Sided • Higher Capacity for Up to 14 loads •  Fast Unloading!

  • Field tough and eager for action – pulls smooth and easy
  • A36 3″x 6″ and 5″x 5″ steel tubing, JOST landing gear, Bendix ABS, Hub pilot wheels, front & rear steel ladders
  • Option to add new tarp system: Shur-Lok®
  • Born in California, Built to Last!
  • Availability is limited – call NOW for best pricing & guaranteed delivery

The EVOLUTION, 102″ Hopper — Great Reviews + Field Proven!

Tuff Boy Strong, Tuff Boy Quality • Holds 10% more!

  • As you’ve come to expect from Tuff Boy trailers – pulls smooth and easy
  • Field tough – suited for a wide variety of commodities
  • Super fast unload from optimized internal angles
  • The addition of a few inches in strategic locations has increased volume capacity by approximately 10%
  • No compromise in material thickness – still made with extremely durable 13 gauge steel and 1/8” aluminum
  • Includes removable extension, ladder, rear drain valve, 30 x 36” door, hub pilot wheels, and Bendix ABS

TUFF PRO Produce Trailers (12 or 14 pallet)

  • Field tough, ready to roll – TUFF BOY quality, TUFF BOY strong!
  • Pulls smooth and easy – TUFF BOY designed!
    • The industry’s best axles
    • Sharp turning radius
    • Headboard
    • Tool box
    • Many winches
    • And more!
  • Limited rentals available, call us for more information

The PRO STAR — Produce Haulers

  • Carries more!
  • 9 loads instead of 10 in ‘Floating’ fiberglass tanks
  • Less cracking
  • Pulls smooth and easy – built to last!
  • Reinforced carrier-style frame with outside bracing and ‘best in the business’ corner anchoring system – TUFF BOY strong!
    • JOST landing gear and turntable
    • Premier hitches
    • Three leaf suspension
    • Hub piloted
    • Bendix ABS
  • Availability limited – Place orders NOW for best pricing & guaranteed delivery!

Tuff Boy CLASSIC — 24′ to 48′ Flat Bed Trailers

  • For freight, produce, bins and tanks – lots of options!
  • No compromise on quality. New manufacture or refurbished and upgraded to meet TUFF BOY’s high standards!
    • Inside and outside frames
    • Complete cargo controls
    • Optional sliders
    • Staggered winches
    • Closed and spread axles
    • Some with air ride
  • Availability is limited –  call us for more information and current inventory.

Yard Trucks


  • Outperform, Outlast, Outstanding in Class
  • Meticulously Maintained
  • Low Hours, Lot of Life Left
  • Day-to-Day Reliability
  • Maximum Strength

Engine: Cummins 6.7L

Powertrain: Allison RDS-3000

Cab: comfort seat and ergo interior, electronic controls, maximum visibility

Capacity: up to 81,000 lbs. GCVWR

Off-highway use only

Call Today! for Current Stock, Specific Vehicle Details, and Special V.I.P. Sales Pricing

Please call for information and current availability.

DRY VANS! — Rent • Purchase • Available Now!

  • Standard dimensions for a 53′ length
  • Roll up or swing doors
  • Air Ride on many
  • Aero Skirts for better fuel economy on many

Built Solid • Road Proven • Well Maintained • Ready to Roll

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Curtain Vans

Please call for information and current availability.

TUFF BOY Carries:

  • TUFF MAX, EVOLUTION and LEGACY Hoppers (96″ & 102″)

  • TUFF PRO Produce Trailers (12 or 14 pallet)

  • PRO STAR Light Weight Tomato Carriers (aluminum or fiber)

  • CLASSIC 24′ to 48′ Flat Trailers

  • Yard Tractors (limited supply!)

  • Curtain Vans

  • Fixed Body Trailers

  • Grape Tank Trailers

  • Melon Trailers

  • Bottom Dumps

  • Freight & Dry Vans (28-53′ length, 96-102″ width)