When it comes to transporting goods, efficiency, durability, and reliability are paramount. Whether you’re in the business of logistics or tackling large-scale projects that demand robust equipment, choosing the right trailer can significantly impact your operations. Today, we’re diving into the features and benefits of a trailer that stands out in the field: the 21’8″ x 8’6″ x 13’4″ tough and action-eager marvel.

Built Tough for Any Challenge

Dimensions and Capacity: This trailer boasts impressive dimensions with a length of 21’8″, a width of 8’6″, and a height of 13’4″, providing a spacious interior capacity of 1,366 cubic feet. Such ample space ensures you can haul substantial loads efficiently, minimizing trips and maximizing productivity.

Materials and Construction: The backbone of this trailer is its robust construction:

  • Steel Tube Frame: Built with A36 3″x 6″ and 5″x 5″ steel tubes and A992 wide flange beams, providing unparalleled strength and structural integrity.
  • Aluminum Components: Features 1/8″ 5052 formed aluminum and 3/16″ 6061 aluminum side supports, offering a balance of lightweight design and durability.
  • Steel Panel Supports: 1/4″ steel front and rear panel supports ensure longevity and withstand heavy-duty usage.
  • Suspension: Equipped with Hutchens H-9700S set position high arch 3-leaf springs, which are designed for stability and smooth rides over various terrains.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

Door and Unloading: The trailer is designed for efficiency with a large opening for faster unloading, complemented by a riveted roller chain drive and a 10-tooth high tensile steel sprocket. This setup not only accelerates your unloading process but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

Ladders and Additional Features: Featuring front and rear steel pipe ladders, the trailer ensures safe and easy access for inspection and maintenance. Additional components like Jost A400 landing gear, Bendix ABS, hub pilot wheels, and a rear drain valve further enhance its functionality and reliability.

Why Choose This Trailer?

  1. Durability: Built from high-quality materials such as steel and aluminum, this trailer is engineered to withstand rigorous use and challenging environments.

  2. Efficiency: The design focuses on optimizing loading and unloading processes, minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

  3. Safety: With features like ABS braking systems and sturdy ladders, safety is prioritized to protect both your cargo and your team.

  4. Versatility: Whether you’re hauling construction materials, agricultural products, or industrial goods, this trailer adapts to various cargo types and transport needs.

Choosing the right trailer is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their logistics operations and maximize profitability. The 21’8″ x 8’6″ x 13’4″ trailer excels in durability, efficiency, and safety, making it an ideal choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best from their equipment.

Invest in reliability. Invest in efficiency. Choose the trailer that’s tough, eager for action, and built to exceed expectations. Your logistics partner for success awaits.