In the realm of heavy-duty equipment, finding the right tool for the job can be pivotal to your success. If you’re in search of a powerhouse that promises unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability for off-highway use, look no further than our exceptional product lineup. Designed to outperform, outlast, and excel in its class, these machines are meticulously maintained with low hours and plenty of life left, ensuring day-to-day reliability and maximum strength when you need it most. Let’s explore why our equipment should be your next investment.

Superior Performance and Durability

Engineered to Excel: Powered by the renowned Cummins 6.7L engine and equipped with the robust Allison RDS-3000 powertrain, our machines are built to deliver exceptional performance in the toughest conditions. Whether you’re tackling construction projects, agricultural tasks, or industrial applications, these engines provide the reliability and power you demand.

Maximum Strength, Maximum Capacity: With a capacity of up to 81,000 lbs. GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating), our equipment stands ready to handle heavy loads with ease. Designed for off-highway use, these machines are engineered to withstand rigorous demands and deliver consistent performance day in and day out.

Comfort and Control

Ergonomic Design: The cab is equipped with comfort seating, an ergonomically designed interior, and electronic controls for maximum operator comfort and efficiency. With enhanced visibility and intuitive controls, operators can work comfortably and safely, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity.

Meticulously Maintained and Ready to Work

Low Hours, High Efficiency: Our equipment is meticulously maintained, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency with minimal wear and tear. With low hours and careful upkeep, you can rely on these machines to perform reliably for years to come, maximizing your investment and minimizing downtime.

Why Choose Our Equipment?

  1. Reliability: Meticulously maintained and built for off-highway use, our equipment offers day-to-day reliability and consistent performance in challenging environments.

  2. Performance: With a powerful Cummins engine and Allison powertrain, our machines outperform competitors, delivering superior strength and efficiency in every task.

  3. Comfort: The ergonomic cab design prioritizes operator comfort and safety, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue during long work hours.

  4. Durability: Designed to outlast and withstand heavy use, our equipment ensures maximum uptime and operational efficiency, making it a smart choice for your business.

Investing in high-performance equipment is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance productivity and profitability. Our meticulously maintained machines, powered by Cummins engines and Allison transmissions, offer unmatched reliability, strength, and comfort for off-highway applications. Whether you’re in construction, agriculture, or industrial sectors, our equipment is ready to work hard, ensuring you stay ahead in your field.

Choose reliability. Choose performance. Choose our equipment—where every machine is engineered to excel and exceed expectations in off-highway environments.